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October 21, 1992, with 1 brother and 2 sisters. Simple girl, world, activity, and many. Wanna be famous person and writer. Check my writing out, enjoy it, critisize it, compliment it, whatever :)
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I like travelling. I travel to find something new than people ever. I have visited many places with different situations and impressions, especially since I studied far from home. I have gone to Tanjung Lesung Beach at Banten where there was a storm when I arrived at the beach. I have hiked to Mount Sindoro at Temanggung whose track was very horrible and I was almost hit by a huge rock as big as human’s body when I walked down. Other places were Ranu Kumbolo Lake below Mount Semeru, Taman Bunga and Kota Bunga at Bogor, nearly all of recreation places in Jogjakarta like Borobudur Temple, beaches, and Gembira Loka Zoo, and many other places. One of the most awesome places I ever visited was Karimun Java Islands. This was my first across-island vacation which must have been unforgettable and remarkable.

            I am a kind of independent girl. I dare to challenge myself to the wild life. I have a partner, my boyfriend called Irfan who is a nature lover as well. People say that we are a matching couple because of the same interest. I got a thousand of travelling plans for holiday with him. Karimun Java was our first destination when I was in the third semester. This had been planned right before long holiday came, but it was just realized when the holiday was over. Though I didn’t have plenty of time to vacation, I took the absent allotment for going there. Approaching the day, I was so excited. I prepared all the needed things such as clothes, bath tools, and the most important, money. Actually I just had no more than 350,000 rupiahs that was also given from relatives when Ied Fitri holiday came out, but I counted on my boyfriend for the cost I couldn’t spend. With the exact amount, I went ahead recklessly to the beginning of joy.

I was alone from Malang. We ─I, Irfan, and his buddies─ decided to meet in Semarang because it was the perfect spot for us. At 2.30 PM I went to Arjosari bus station. I didn’t expect this way to Bungurasih Surabaya would be long. It took 2 hours and half. I got Bungurasih at about 5, almost dusk. This was the first time for me to go to Semarang alone by myself. Coming to the bus shelter, I felt like a lost child. I often come here with destination Jogja. I know the buses, the peron and the cost for Jogja purpose. Now it seemed very strange to me. I tried to find the route stamped on the bus. I got the bus, but not the same with what my boyfriend had told me. I rode Nusantara, an executive bus. It spent much more money than I expected because I was backpacking. The bus cost 65,000 rupiahs plus dinner. After waiting for few minutes, the bus sped up. I sat with Maduranese guy. I don’t remember his name. He asked me where I wanted to go, so did I. He said he also wanted to go to Semarang. I told him it was the first time for me to go there. We had a delicate talk then. At about 9 PM, the bus stopped at a restaurant. I also forget where it was exactly. The passengers were given a coupon for food before. The menu was simple: rice, vegetables, chicken, and hot tea. After all of the bus passengers finished their eating, the bus continued its delayed round trip. I was made sleepy by the food and also by the night, and then I slept.

At the midnight and almost reaching Semarang, I opened my eyes. The bus passed a quiet small town. There were only becak drivers and a group of people stood next to each other who apparently were waiting for bus. I checked my hand phone; there were many text messages from my Irfan, asking my location. He worried I didn’t reply to his text message. He was terrified I was still asleep and missed the stopping. He texted me he and the friends had arrived at Terboyo, bus station in Semarang. I examined every path and building I passed through. I didn’t feel sleepy anymore because my head was full of the cheery imagination. It remained at most a half-hour to meet him. The bus finally entered Semarang city archway. The Maduranese guy asked me to get ready. Thank God he was a kind guy. He was eager to wait for me if the Jogja gang was not there yet. From entrance to the bus shelter was quiet far, about 700 meters. So he ordered to stop at the entrance. As addition, criminals and bad people were roaming around especially on the night like this. He wanted to keep me safe.

I got off from the bus and correctly, my boyfriend hadn’t been there yet. He was waiting for me inside the bus station. The Maduranese guy and I waited in front of a stall while the Jogja gang was walking to us. This Maduranese guy also waited for his friend to pick him up. Later than 10 minutes waiting, Irfan came out followed by his friends. We were all six, and I was the only girl. It didn’t matter because I had known the friends and they were all kind. I didn’t know what to do next. I was just as follower, not the leader in this trip. I waited along to match the time so I could get Kartini harbor in Jepara right before the ferry set out to Karimun. Around 2 AM, I took ride again from Terboyo to Jepara. I sat with heavy eyes It was an old bus with no air conditioner. This cost roughly 15,000 rupiahs. Many of the passengers were people who worked in market. They carried baskets of vegetables and so on. The bus turned left and right following the track of the path. Irfan told me it was still 3 hours to get there, the Kartini harbor. The windows were opened. Chilly night wind immediately swept my face and spread drowsy air. Once more, I fell asleep.

Very dull but vaguely, sun light dispersed from horizon. The bus stopped in front of bus terminal, beside the port. I walked to locket for ticket of the Kartini ship. Group of people had stayed there, wanted to vacation also. Some were sleeping on the seat, some were just sitting and musing, and some were enjoying their coffees also snacks. Again, I waited because the locket was still closed. Just as it was opened, the swarm crowded and queued stretching along in two lines. Irfan got in line, reserving tickets for all of us. Actually there were two kinds of ferry, economy class and VIP class. For backpacker like me, I just needed the economy ticket which cost 31,000 rupiahs for one-way trip. The VIP ferry was cost more or less 70,000 rupiahs on weekdays, 100,000 rupiahs on weekends and holiday, of course with good and comfortable facilities.

The sun was at 30 degrees. I stepped through bridge to the ship. First level was full of vegetables, motorcycles and other goods also with the owners. I sought of seats on the second level, and I got it in the center group of seat. It sailed a moment after. I spent time by playing cards and having meal with others. The time seemed like walking so slowly. Even though I was quite sleepy, I couldn’t sleep. I looked my friends; they could sleep tightly in the hot air. Other people were also no longer chattering. They sank in their sleep. I was so bored.

When the sun laid above the ferry ship and little bit leaned to the West, I could see the land, Karimun Jawa Land. It felt like I’d got ready to splash to the sea and swim there. I could see the others were as excited as me. It looked close but actually it still remained 30 minutes. Ya, this ship thrust the sea very slowly. If I had another chance to go here, I would go by the VIP one. I stood steadily along the others, waiting this ship move closer to the harbor. Finally, the ship captain moored the ship and carefully I walked down along stairs and bridge.

Though the sun light was stinging my skin and stabbing my eyes, I was impressed with the white sand, the blue sea, and the clean town when I arrived at the land of Karimun Jawa. FYI, this island has population more than 8,000 people. The main tribes who occupy Karimun Jawa are Javanese, Bugis, and Maduranese. This archipelago consists of 27 islands, whether it’s inhabited or not. My mind had flown into the leisure I was going to have. Before going to the water activities, I lingered around in front of Tourism Information Centre in the right side of the street near the entrance gate. I waited for the unofficial guide or facilities provider exactly which would accompany us in the exploration of Karimun Jawa. He was also the owner of the house that we would rent for several days. As a newcomer, I took the chance to take some shots even in front the gate to begin exploring the town. Yup, it was very common having photographs of an exciting place especially the place we haven’t visited yet. It would be keepsake when we get older in another time.

Irfan had called and confirmed the guide before when we were still in Jepara. Now he couldn’t make a call even send a short message. This place was out of signal, except for Telkomsel user. The next ten minutes, Irfan got up and came to a man and greeted him. He was the guide, named Anto. Mr. Anto was a kind and friendly man with average body posture and average height. He picked us to his home with his motorcycle. I looked around in my way. The town was more appropriate to be called as village. The houses were simple, there were no cars and there were no such kinds of Alfamart or Indomaret. Once more, there was the only one gas station belonging to Pertamina in the beginning of the street after the entrance. This gas station merely had one tank and one tube on each side. This was quite conventional.

Mr. Anto’s house was clean and neat. There was a bench in front and some chairs to relax. The house had upper floor, used for the tourists like me to stay for nights. I was warmly welcomed by Mr Anto’s wife. He had two children, a girl and a boy. I sat in the sitting room. She served us a jug of ice tea. After that, Mr Anto showed us the room. We went upstairs through narrow stairway. There was a bedroom with one big bed and a fan. The people only use generator as their power station. Because of this limited electricity source, the electricity is off from 6 AM until 6 PM in the whole Karimun Jawa. So unfortunately, I couldn’t use the fan. Beside the bedroom there was another room to take a rest also but there were lying five beds upon the wooden floor. Sure I would take the bedroom, recalling that I was the only girl among this vacation team. The day was so hot, made me wanted to drench myself in the water. I got the bathroom first. It totally refreshed me after a long and sweaty trip. The others decided to have a sleep. I really wasn’t sleepy anymore but I got nothing to do, so I followed them to join into their dreams.

I was awake when the day had been dark. I woke my friends up. I wanted to go round this small town and have dinner. Irfan asked Mr. Anto where we could find some foods. Mr. Anto showed us the direction. The six of us walked out of this homestay. The distance between Mr. Anto’s home to the food place was not quite far, about 10 minutes by walking. The night life here was so silent. Only few people looked passing along and having seat in front of their home. Mr. Anto said that there was a town square where people sold foods on the border of the field. I thought that the town square was jammed by other tourists like me and there were a lot of food choices there, but who knew, what I imagined wasn’t the same with the reality: the field was dull, there were only two groups of young people sat closely, the foods were just chicken satay, fried rice, and another sea food which looked flavorless. What we could do more, we had been hungry.

The next day, I got ready before the electricity was shut off. My to-do list for being here was snorkeling and enjoying the natural beauty here. I’d start my first morning to meet fishes and their ecosystem. Before I crossed the islands to see the enchantment of the undersea variety, I checked for snorkelling tools where I should use snorkel mask to help me breathing, I got to use fin or swimming shoe, and the most crucial thing for me as a beginner, I must wear lifejacket to keep me afloat in the sea level. Checked, I was ready to get drenched.

I used Mr. Anto’s boat to carry me from one island to another. The boat was rented for 300,000 rupiahs per boat. We were six and we shared boat with other tourists. They were two couples: one couple from UPN Jogja, same like my friends’ university; and one couple more was married couple where the husband was a foreigner from England. He was a friendly man. I forget from what city he is. We stopped in the middle of the sea, near from a small island. As my first snorkeling experience, I conceded that I was really afraid of the sea. I can swim, but I can’t float. When the others got off and sink into the sea, I just stared at the water. Plunge into, keep above, plunge into, keep above. I’d got lifejacket, so what was I waiting for? At last I felt the cold water caught my body. I didn’t want to waste time, so I dove my eyes to the blue sea. I swam around to discover little part of the undersea life in Karimun Jawa. Honestly I don’t like to be in the wild sea. I’m scared of what dangerous animal may appear when I’m swimming. Especially if I don’t master swimming, that will be a big problem.

The sun shone brightly, and in the mid day we drifted to Cemara Kecil Island to take a rest and had lunch. Irfan and Risky stripped up on the sand. Everyone saw them. It’s kind of something filthy. I was like “oh guys, please, you’re like making love there” and I said, “Disgusting.” The English man heard me and he laughed loudly, and then shouted, “Hey boys, stop it!”. He asked them to go back here. We were going to have lunch then. The dish was kind of fishes. There were kerapu, parrot fish and red kakap. For the dessert, we had watermelon. Each of us only paid 12,000 rupiahs and we could eat as much as we wanted. It looked very simple, but you didn’t know how delicious the food was.

            I moved to three other islands. The undersea mixtures here were not quite various. They were all same as long as I saw from island to island. But, we found clown fish which is famous as “Nemo” in the animation movie “Finding Nemo”. Not as funny as the real clown, quite the reverse, they were very shy! The fish hid inside their home, anemone. I did not dare to bother them. After sinking to this part of the sea, I moved to the last island for today. It was so beautiful, enchanting and so pure. I didn’t go snorkelling in this island. I played and walked around, saving sweet memories. I almost forgot, the boat had a mini boat complete with the paddle. Irfan and I got it, and then rowed up on the beach side. I saw the water under me. It’s turquoise and very untainted. This moment was unspeakable.

            Before we got back to our stayhome, Mr. Anto would like to guide us to an area where sharks were bred. Sharks? Sounded scary but challenging. The boat set aside and I crossed a small wood bridge without any handle so I had to walk carefully. There were a lot of people, about thirties. They just looked below to the sharks that were swimming around in the pool. Visitors were very allowed to dip into. Mr. Anto had made sure that the sharks were already tame. They wouldn’t bite human, but still I was afraid at first. After I watched my friends went down in the water with the sharks, I made myself brave. We were safe with condition: do not touch or try to catch the sharks’ bodies. Okay, I was in one area with the one of the wildest animals in the world, and then what else? The officer provoked them to get closer with us. Oh my God! I kept closer with others to avoid something bad which may happen. Surely, we took shots to immortalize this riding-adrenaline moment. I got to flow

            A mile before I reached harbor, some cool foreign ships looked anchored in the middle of the sea. I could see the nation flags: Deutch, Germany and other nations. We all saw astonished; their ships were fabulous, like what I had seen in TV. They’re far different from ours. What’s happening here? What event was held here so that many foreigners with their own ships came here? I didn’t know. As I got the harbor, the full sun set beautifully in the horizon.

            The next day, I got ready a litte late. It’s already bright outside. Again, we ate breakfast first before we went snorkelling. I ate near of town square. There was such of an event like wedding party, but I didn’t see anyone as the bride and groom. I was searching for indicator to my question. Finally I knew the answer. There was an annual agenda called “Sail Karimun Jawa”. That’s why I saw many foreigner ships yesterday. I heard an opening speech maybe delivered by the mayor of this mini town. I saw a spot for dishes. Hopefully I could eat there.

This time, the couples were not with us. They had their own walk, maybe. Also Mr. Anto did not guide as anymore. His friend replaced him to keep us company. His name was Agung. At first, he was a good man, but actually he was like a chance-seeker. I’ll share about it later. I was as not excited as yesterday, maybe because my energy had been drained all day long. The motion of the boat and the sea wave made me queasy too. I don’t like being scrambled when I’m into something, like in the car, bus, even in the water. Seriously, after lunch in this second day, I vomited what I had eaten. Whereas, I just ate grilled fish. I threw this out in the sea. It would be food for the living fish. Fish eat fish, poor fish… Hahaha.

The last place for snorkelling had the height which might be over ten meters. There were two other boats. Seemingly, the passengers on those boats yearn for diving. They wore diving suit with oxygen tube. After a while I felt sick again. I decided to swim on my back, so that my face didn’t overlook the water. I was off and wanted to get back to my boat. I still swam with my back and my snorkel was pinned on my forehead. Irfan saw me, and he thought that I was mad. He pulled me and we swam along to the boat. The snorkelling spot to the boat was far enough. It’s 100 meters long. Ten meters before the boat, I just got conscious the snorkle was no longer on my head. I was on edge and was so panic. I had made a mistake. I’ve lost it! The price was high. It could be a half million rupiahs. How could I get that sum of money? I told mas Agung about the lost snorkel. Desperately and, I know, with a little anger, he swam to find the snorkel. He could dive without any devices but not too deep. I doubted he could find it. Besides, the sea was too deep and the sea bottom was sandy. Maybe it had been covered with sand, or maybe it had been swept by the stream. Fortunately, there were the divers and luckily some of them were mas Agung’s friends. Mas Agung asked them for help. Then he swam back to boat, ordered to continue the sea tour, and let me pray that the divers would find that pricey stuff. Amen.

The last but not least, I visited an island made from sand only in the middle of the sea. This was called Gosong island. It was named like that not because of the meaning of “gosong” in Indonesian, but mas Agung said “gosong” means a piece of land in the middle of the sea. This place made the greatest impression for me. It’s like a land that most of girls dream about. Beautiful. I even forgot the lost snorkel for a while. This was white sand surrounded by water, without any plants and any buildings. We took so many pictures. I didn’t want to waste my chance being here. Gradually the sun went down, brought me to the reality that sooner or later, I must leave this place. In the time I walked back to my boat, suddenly mas Agung shouted worriedly, “There’s a rayfish! Hurry up, get back!” Mindlessly all of people here, including me, looked around to the water. I watched my step, was scared the rayfish would unexpectedly swim closer and sting me. Thank God, it didn’t emerge anymore.

At the harbor, there’s a good news that the snorkel was found. I thank to God, I didn’t have to pay a half million rupiahs to replace it. Mas Agung said I was lucky that there were divers when it was lost. He suggested me to pay them as the express to thank them, ya just some money for cigarettes. We all heard the diver who helped didn’t ask more as compensation. I could relieved breathe. On the contrary, when I had cleaned my body in Mr. Anto’s homestay, mas Agung came and showed a text message from the diver. He demanded a hundred thousand rupiahs, or if not, just let me pay as much as the snorkel’s original price. What was this? They said they didn’t ask for money. In fact they did not sincerely help me. We had  a thought that mas Agung also conspired with them. Well, I’d give them the money if it’s what they wanted. Mr. Anto’s boy also annoyed us so much. He was naughty. He broke all the corals I picked when I had lunch without guilt. That was the only keepsake I took by myself. I was so mad, but I couldn’t tell him off. After all of these things, Irfan swore if he got another chance to go here, he would not stay here, in Mr. Anto’s house.

In hurry, I left the homestay by getting motorcycle with Mr. Anto to the harbor because the sun was raising and the ship was already full of passengers. The other followed behind me. After buying ticket, I got the ship and the same like the first time I got it, I sought for seat. The sky was getting brighter and slowly but surely, the ship sailed back to the South.

Hal yang agak sulit untuk orang Jakarta dan sekitarnya jika baru memulai pacaran, yaitu memanggil dengan sebutan “aku-kamu”. Ya, itu terjadi pada saya, mungkin juga teman-teman lainnya. Kami terbiasa dengan sebutan “gue-lo”, jadi untuk menyebut seperti yang di atas tadi harus mengesampingkan malu dan gengsi. Awalnya, saat di SMS sih bisa, tapi saat ketemu lansung orangnya, grogi plus bingung mau nyebut “aku-kamu” atau “gue-lo”.

Saya: Yah gulanya abis

Om saya: Lho di kulkas kan ada

S: Abis om,nggak ada

O: Oiya ya ada tukang

Kedengeran aneh nggak? Apa hubungannya gula sama tukang? Mari ditelaah dulu..

Tukang di rumah tugasnya ngecat rumah, benerin lantai, mindahin barang-barang, dan lain-lain. Setelah semua kerjaannya itu, pasti dong mereka butuh booster, sesuatu untuk dikonsumsi, untuk makan atau senggaknya buat minum. Nah, minumannya butuh yang manis-manis, nggak cuma air putih atau air “bening”. Dibuatkanlah kopi oleh pembantu rumah. Daan, itulah yang membuat gula habis. Ada tukang, gula berkurang.

A story: Ambulance

October 27th, 2011, at 6 and quarter in the morning, I went to campus to college. In a range about 4 km from home, there was a siren of ambulance. Apparently, it was in a rush. So, I drove my motorcycle to sidewalk to give it way. It had passed me, and then I followed the ambulance behind. Suddenly, I felt my chest so tight. I didn’t know what happened. Was it empathy? Maybe yes. I looked it was coming from Blitar. Really? Yes! It came from Blitar, which the distance is 2 hours from Malang. Wasn’t there any hospital in Blitar? I was angry by myself. How poor the patient whom was inside ambulance. Every time I heard the siren, I just wanted to cry. In the traffic light, it consistently moved fast. Yeah, keep moving, I said in my heart. When it turned in junction, we separated. Without command, my tears dropped to the earth. I felt so sad. I just hoped that the patient would be handed soon by doctor and got his healthy again. Aamiin..

A Story: Police

I live in Malang city. This city is known as a cold and silent city, but I think it’s not valid now. There are too much vehicles, whether it’s motorcycle, private car, or public car. Beside, the city is not that bigger to load those transportation. Of course, happen traffic jams everywhere, especially in rush hour. There’s one thing I watch every day, police, security, even common people work together, united in one mission, to regulate those traffic jam. I speak in my heart, wow, how noble they are! Though polices are considered as not the real “police” like children used to want to be, but in this case, I’m proud of them.

-with honor to Police-

Ada yang bilang kalo foreigner, atau tepatnya “bule” itu seperti burung beo. Mereka mengucapkan suara apa yang mereka dengar, apalagi kalau ingin mengucapkan bahasa asing. Tapi, menurut saya semua orang bisa jadi beo, dalam hal ini yang saya fokuskan adalah orang Indonesia sendiri. Lihat saja, banyak kata-kata asing dari bahasa inggris atau belanda atau bahasa asing lainnya yang diserap ke bahasa Indonesia dengan pengucapan yang hampir mirip.

Misal “televisi” dari kata “television”,”tubles” dari “tubeless” (walaupun saya kurang mengerti maknanya -_-v), dan “donat” dari kata “doughnut”. Itu cukup menjelaskan juga bahwa orang Indonesia itu seperti bule yang seperti burung beo.

Setahun yang lalu, kakakku menelpon. Ia bilang adikku ingin berbicara. Akhirnya aku menelpon balik. Aku menunggu suaranya, namun alih-alih ia berkata, ia tiba-tiba menangis. Aku mendengar suara dibalik telpon, suara ibu, ayah dan kakakku. “Ngomong dek”,ucap mereka. Ibuku berkata,”bilang, mbak Pinta, aku kangen”. Dengan suara yang menyayat hati,adikku berkata lirih “Mbak Pintaaa…”. Oh adik, mengapa kau menangis, aku membatin dalam hati sambil air mataku pun menetes juga. “Sabar ya dek,kalo mbak pinta libur, pasti mbak pinta pulang. Jangan nangis lagi ya..” Aku tak kuasa mendengar tangisan itu. Ingin rasanya langsung kembali pulang. Sekarang, aku perasaan itu kembali berulang. Aku rindu mereka. Aku rindu satu-satunya adikku, Vitro. Aku rindu ibu. Aku rindu ayah. Penyesalan memang selalu datang di akhir. Aku menyesal tidak mempergunakan waktuku dengan baik selama di rumah. Maafkan aku…

Have you ever lost something you love the most? If you ask me, I’ll answer ‘yes,I have’

I lost my beloved cat, who accompanied me for years. She used to play with me when I go black from school, even if I slept in the day. Don’t know how, when I wasn’t at home anymore, suddenly she gone. My brother said that sipu (she’s called so) died. I can’t believe it, because there was no sipu’s body if it was true that sipu has died.

Maybe we have mental bond, so when I went from home, she went too. She knew I wasn’t at home anymore, and she left home too.

Now, I miss her very much.. I miss stroking her fur, feeding her a bowl of milk, toting her chubby body. I miss everything of her, so much… :’(

I hope you’ll come back to me, sipu… :’*

Percaya nggak percaya, ada beberapa mitos dimana saya mempercayainya. Pernah dengar mitos tentang kupu-kupu? Ya, saya mempercayai bahwa kalau ada kupu-kupu di dalam rumah,tandanya akan ada tamu yang berkunjung ke rumah. Aneh? Sekedar mitos? Mungkin terdengar seperti itu, tapi itu terbukti dan terjadi dalam hidup saya. Keakuratannya lebih dari 80%. Setiap ada kupu-kupu yang bertengger di jendela, dalam waktu dekat akan ada tamu jauh atau tamu yang jarang berkunjung. Selain mitos kupu-kupu, satu lagi mitos yang saya percaya walaupun tidak terlalu yakin dengan kebenarannya, yaitu kedutan di mata. Orang bilang kedutan di mata kanan berarti kita akan mendapat sesuatu yang bahagia dan menyenangkan, sedangkan kedutan di mata kiri itu menandakan ada yang membicarakan kita, hal buruk tentunya. Namun bagi saya, kedutan di mata kiri menandakan bahwa saya akan mendapat suatu kejadian tidak enak yang akan menyebabkan saya menangis. Benar saja, beberapa jam atau sehari setelah kedutan terjadi, saya mengalami hal itu. Oh, sungguh mitos yang tidak bagus. Eits, saya punya satu mitos lagi, yang merupakan kisah mitos terkocak yang pernah terjadi. Waktu itu saya pulang sekolah dengan pacar. Sambil jalan, kami berbisik-bisik membicarakan orang yang ada di depan kami. Pada saat itu juga, dia tersandung batu. hahaha! Seketika dia menoleh ke arah kami, seperti tahu dia sedang kami bicarakan. Aku dan pacarku hanya cekikikan dalam hati.

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“L”, luar biasa, lebay, loyal.

Kata-kata itu yang tepat menggambarkan kami. Ya, kami teman sekelas yang lebay, namun luar biasa dan loyal. Teman-teman seperjuangan,yang walaupun bersama tidak lebih dari 5 bulan, namun telah menuai banyak cerita. Dari awalnya menemukan teman-teman baru, menghabiskan uang dan waktu di tempat karaoke, sampai menangis bersama pun pernah kami alami. Puncaknya ketika sebuah event “Performance Class”, menunjukkan drama, dan aku pun menjadi salah satu pemainnya. Tangan kami menjadii satu, dan “we are L class!” jargon berkumandang dan tangan terangkat ke udara, menggapai sukacita, kerjasama, haru biru. 5 bulan berlalu,kami berpisah. Tapi tetap, kami adalah L class yang kompak. Saat bertemu lagi dengan beberapa teman L class, kami menjadi “lidi” class. Menikmati makan lidi bumbu (atau di daerah Jawa Timur disebut “biting”)

Indahnya berbagi dan bersama J

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Aku tidak bisa menulis kata seindah Qur’an

Aku tidak bisa merangkai prosa seperti seorang puitis

Aku hanya bisa menyoretkan garis

Garis antara langit dan bumi

Menuturkan apa yang terjadi padanya,

Dan diantaranya

Aku hanya mampu mematri titik

Sebuah titik yang akan menjadi jutaan titik

Menggambarkan apa yang kurasakan


Californian Valleys : 8 of 10 (by yyz!)

ingin kesana..

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Suatu hari ada yang berkata,”Aku tidak mempunyai tujuan hidup”. Seseorang menimpali,”Tidak mungkin. Ada beberapa tujuan, atau bahkan walaupun hanya satu, di dalam hidup yang sedang kamu jalani”.

"Sungguh. Aku tak tahu apa gunanya aku menuntut ilmu. Aku melakukan itu hanya untuk membahagiakan orangtuaku demi sukses hidupku".

"Ya,disitulah letak tujuanmu. Kau mempunyai dua tujuan. Pertama, kau ingin hidupmu sukses. Kedua, kau ingin orangtuamu bahagia. Itulah tujuan sebenarnya yang kau cari."

    I have funny story about my childhood. I think it was funny enough, or maybe very funny. Let me tell you my story.

    You know, every children and parents must have got fight, since the children on a kindergaten. Also with me. When i sat in elementary school, on the night, i was in anger with my mom. I got in my bedroom, I slamed the door. I felt I wanna destroy anything or make a mess. But I was too affraid, because I thought my mom will be more angry to me. So, guess what did I do? There were many clothes that had not folded yet. In my anger, I folded up the clothes that I can. Than when I opened the door, got out from my room, mom saw many of the clothes already be folded. And she was glad to me.

    It was so absurd that I made. But a good act to clear up your anger. It can be a good lesson.